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Our selection offers plenty of options for pick-up menus! The foods can be put in pre-serving dishes or packaged in non-returnable dishes (not suitable for serving). Servings can be picked up in Sastamala at Liekoranta kievari or we can deliver them to the venue separately if possible. If necessary, the main courses can be heated until ready. Pick-up menus are prepared for 10 people at a minimum.

The menus must be ordered no later than 5 business days prior to the event and are available with order confirmation according to our resources.

The preparation of special diet foods is charged separately, depending on the raw materials.

Order a pick-up menu

Street Food Menu

Hand edible, filling & delicious!

– Mattila Bros Pulled pork with Smoky Apple Sauce (also available in vegan) (M, G)
– Pita breads (M, V)
– Fresh salad with tomato and cucumber (M, G, V)
– Fruity coleslaw (L, G)
– Pickled red onion (M, G, V)
– Gently spicy chili tomato sauce (M, G; V)
– Kievar tzatzik (L, G)
– Pickles (M, G, V)
– Roasted onion (M, V)
– Jalopenas (M, G, V)

The price of the menu is 18 €/person

Soup with a big heart!

– Salmon or meat soup in either clear or creamy broth (salmon soup)
– Mattila’s smoke-cured pork in slices
– Cheese slices
– Fresh cucumbers and pickles

– Kievar bread basket, cream cheese plate and butter

The price of the menu is 15 €/person

The classic menu!

– Three bowls of herring and Baltic herring
– Smoked salmon with tartar
– Boiled potatoes
– Greek salad and salad dressing
– Waldorf salad
– Fruity chicken pasta salad
– Decorated egg halves

As a hot dish we serve whole cooked pork fillet in slices and creamy sauce OR Karelian roast. In addition, vegetable gratin and meatballs are offered.

– The Kievar bread basket, butter and cream cheese spread

Menu price 27 €/person

Delicious lasagnes

– Mozzarella tomato salad finished with pestoa
– The green salad and Kievar’s own salad dressing

As warm food, Host’s juicy lasagna (beef, chicken or vegetarian)

-Tomato foccaccia, creme cheese paste

The price of the menu is 15 €/ person (vegan +1 €/person))

Order a pick-up menu